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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label anime. Show all posts
Showing posts with label anime. Show all posts

3 Doraemon

4presentation.net this time inspired by Doraemon. Doraemon is very well known from the past until now. Because the magic of magic bag that can provide what is asked for Nobita and doors anywhere can take anywhere requested Nobita or the other. Powerpoint design looks interesting titles, such as color gradation dark blue, blue and white slightly, then use the font of the WordArt styles. Coupled two rectangles using a mirror effect and shadow makes a 3-dimension look as if arise. Doraemon picture near the rectangle is making more cool powerpoint template designs. Download link below and visit the always 4presentation.net

9 One Piece Luffy

Still theme of anime, this time featuring a design template powerpoint One Piece. One of the anime that is not less interesting with Naruto, the comic also beamed almost comparable to Naruto. On the cover page design uses cloud background and looking the ocean. Equipped Luffy chibi version and sunny go the ships straw hat pirate groups. The design template is created and on powerpoint 2010. design file size is not so big only about 600kb. on both the second page design is not so different from the design of the cover page. If you like one piece download its collection of powerpoint templates so that your presentation more attractive because it uses an interesting thing.

8 Sword Art Online Chibi

Anime theme for the post this week, from the previous design template powerpoint about angry bird star war this time, brings anime that is popular is Sword Art Online. Starring Kirito and Asuna, a story about virtual worlds or online games.
Powerpoint design was inspired by the movie and on the title page using the background at the world Sword Art Online. This design uses powerpoint 2010, make sure your computer is installed powerpoint 2010. designs powerpoint template with pictures Kirito and Asuna chibi version, If you
like the design of this template please download it at the link below.

2 Spongebob Patrick

If we make a template first spongebob with a simple theme (read: Spongebob Template) and the dominance of yellow color, we now offer complete theme spongebob squarepants and patrick with combination blue and white color. there are 6 special layouts in this template. you can choose in slide panel with right click then Layouts.

2 Team 7

This is PowerPoint template that we created specifically for the edition "Naruto Special Template". Although this template is using the anime-themed background, this template is made very simple in order to facilitate users when to apply them in a variety of presentation themes. With a background of Team 7, or better known in the anime series Naruto as Team Kakashi, powerpoint template is expected to be make the presentation more interest. Team Kakashi, also known as Team 7, is a team led by Kakashi Hatake and was formed after the members became genin. The members were selected in order to balance out their talents. Naruto, the worst student in his graduating class, would benefit from Sakura's intelligence and Sasuke's proficiency with ninja skills.

0 Sand Team

This is a team that was formed with members consisting of Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. All three were came from countries of sand (Sunagakure) and interesting on this team is they are still siblings. The team became the most feared teams during chunin exams in the anime series Naruto. When the exam was Gaara still have the power of One-Tailed Shukaku, and he will ruthlessly kill his opponents. Even so, we want to show the Sand Team in the form of chibi characters where they have turned into good by helping village of Naruto (Konoha) when the team against Orochimaru.
This template is simple and easy to apply with your powerpoint theme. Please download this template and try it!

1 Hokage 4

In the manga and anime series Naruto, Hokage 4 also known as Minato Namikaze (Yondaime Hokage), is a ninja who has sealed the nine-tailed demon fox into the body of his son, Naruto Uzumaki. Minato described very similar to his son, and they have numerous connections and similarities. Minato dubbed The Yellow Flash of Konoha because of its speed moving (with the yellow hair) is almost never can be seen even without any tricks, it is shown as instant reflexes and indeed the original speed. With this jutsu, Minato can arrive at any location quickly and move to another location without attracting attention. We tried to make the background of this template artistically possible by showing the character Hokage 4. It will make the presentation more interesting, different and memorable for the audience.
Do not forget to leave a comment as the critiques and suggestions, it really helped us to be better future. We hope you enjoy it. If there are problems or difficulties in running it, you can ask in the comments section on each article on our web page.

2 Gaara Black

Gaara is the name of a fictional character in the manga and anime series Naruto. Gaara is a ninja who has the power to control sand. His trademark is a keg of sand that is always carried in his back and a tattoo "ai - love" on his forehead. Due to loneliness and lack of attention as a child, Gaara grew up without knowing love and thinks his purpose in life is to kill. But because the war against Naruto, making him change his mind. He became a better person, caring fellow, willing to sacrifice for the sake of peace and the village would become the fifth Kazekage. With a background screen that shows the good properties of Gaara, perhaps by this Powerpoint presentation you to be different and interesting to the viewer. For you lovers of series Naruto and fan of Gaara figure, download this template by clicking the link below, it's free!

3 Mario Bros Template

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Anime, Simple
Color: Blue, Red
Description: Mario Bros. has been re-released many times by itself and as a sub-game in other games. here, we make it in powerpoint template. Cartoon and simple powerpoint template, special background for title slide, 2 different mario bros background, default and standard font, compatible for any powerpoint presentation, easy to use. we hope you enjoy it.

1 Konoha

This template is simple and easy to apply with the theme of your powerpoint. Why is that? because the background logo Konoha (Naruto's home village) that is easily recognizable. Konohagakure (木ノ葉隠れの里, Konohagakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among Tree Leaves"; also known as "Village Hidden in the Leaves" or "Hidden Leaf Village") is the Hidden Village of the Land of Fire. The logo is also a symbol and used by the ninja are pinned on the headband, besides also became pride for the ninja of Konoha against this logo. This logo resembles a leaf in the meaning in the name of Konoha.

1 Pain Akatsuki

Pain is the chairman of Akatsuki and was a runaway ninja who comes from Amegakure. Akatsuki is the name of a criminal organization in Naruto series. Still in our special theme this time,"Special Naruto Template", we would like to introduce the characters in the manga and anime series Naruto, both antagonists and protagonists. Pain Including this, which is the antagonist. Yet the character of Pain as evil become something interesting separate from this story. Although this template is using the anime-themed background, this template is made very simple in order to facilitate users when to apply them in a variety of presentation themes.

2 Spongebob Squarepants

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Anime, Simple, Cartoon
Color: Yellow, Green
Description: Simple and special anime/cartoon template, Spongebob Squarepants background, 2 different Spongebob Squarepants background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

5 Hollow Bleach

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Anime, Simple
Color: Black, Red
Description: Simple and special anime template, Bleach hollow anime background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use. Idea from anime "bleach", with more than 90% black color in background slide and red color font. If you like Bleach, you must download this.

Password: 9euhfh

4 Anime 2

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Anime, Girl, Simple
Color: Green, Olive green
Description: Simple and special anime template, girl anime background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, easy to use.

password: jkk637

0 Naruto Simple

Naruto is a manga and anime works of Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto Uzumaki is the main characters of this story. He is a ninja of Konoha village. Naruto characterized as a ninja vibrant, cheerful, hyperactive, and very ambitious in reaching his ideals to become a Hokage. In accordance with the characteristics of Naruto figure are extremely ambitious, we create a template with a background that shows Uzumaki Naruto with an ambitious gaze. Why is this became a theme of a PowerPoint template? Because we want to make a difference in the presentation, using cartoon characters, manga and anime. With the intention that your presentations become more diverse and different from the others.

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