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    Music PowerPoint Templates

    Vector music background, cool design, compatible for youth ...
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    Nature PowerPoint Templates

    Inspirational nature backgrounds: sea, flowers, leaf, and more ...
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    Simple Mode PowerPoint Templates

    Easy to use, there are some background that can you choose ...
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    Complete Mode PowerPoint Templates

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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Vector. Show all posts

0 Yellow Lamp

Lamp power point display design uses light as the main image with yellow as the color of the bottom and come with trinkets such as books, pencils, coffee and food. on the first slide appears 3 different lamp sizes. the lamp consists of many colorful circles which are merged into a single artistic unity.

The flare of the lights is also described with colorful circles. In addition there is also a picture book, pencils, coffee, and food. It can describe the things that we need while learning. We need the lights to provide illumination and light when we read a book or write and coffee as well as food becomes our friend when learning. at first this slide we can write down the title and subtitle of the presentation.

on the second slide seemed a colorful lights and a book on right corner of it.
Next on the third slide showing a lamp on the top left hand corner and a pencil in the top left corner. on the second and third slides we can write down the content of the material which we will pass on. on the third slide seemed a lamp and a suspended.

and in the last slide were almost the same as the previous slides, there is a lamp flashing with light and a Cup in the bottom right corner.

1 Browser Design

Powerpoint browser design is inspired by the design of Mozilla Firefox. With some green shape made as the original. 4presentation.net logo can be changed as you like or corresponding logo that you can use in your presentation material.

A vibrant green color on the header and footer design makes it elegant.
On the front page there is a NEXT HOME menu and main slide and a hyperlink to the next page. To the previous page menu icon can be clicked back around the header of each page.

Page article is almost similar to the title page only part not use the article page footer as the main page.
You are free to modify the design dpat this template as you like, because this is still the basic design course.

0 Purple Love Animations

Hello, for those who love the color purple and the color purple as a template for your PowerPoint, we have a solution for it.

The purple color is mostly favored by women, and therefore we were inspired to create a template base color purple, to make it more beautiful, we add to the picture love as supporting accessories. The combination of colors used as well to follow the purple color theme is applied. The colors are put together in vertical lines are neatly organized with the colors that have been adjusted so that there is no color contrast. On the contents of the template are also still taking basic background on the first slide so it remains harmonious.

This template also added animations that make this template is not monotonous. Plus there is an animation that resembles love bubbles emerging from the bottom to up.

0 Soft Green Animations

Hello, for those who want a template that is soft and has a color that is not flashy, we have a solution to it.

Here we provide a PowerPoint template that guaranteed you will love it. Template with green base color and combined with the colors of the type with the green color makes this template into an elegant appearance.

Classical themes raised in this template makes the template is not a lot of color combination. Coupled with the vertical lines that are tailored to blend the colors, making a soft green template and classic. Part of the contents of this template is no less delicate. On the contents of this template, keep taking the basic background on the first slide, it's just that coupled with specific background for the text written in it.

This template also been coupled with animations make this template is not monotonous.

0 Abstract Neon

This morning we create powerpoint templates just for you.  Abstract Neon, a simple template with abtract background, simple shape with white edge and transparent black color. Including 3 layouts and simple animation (Fade and Fly in), very elegant and luxury with any presentation.

0 White Black Drum

Drum is one of the most dominant musical voice and is very easy to guess his voice in a concert, musical, or song. We come back to again provide the music template. After a while 4Presentation no longer publish templates music. For this time, we present to you a template with the dominant color is white and black. This template is easy to use and simple. Download this free template, click the link below.

1 Flower Wall

Nature template this time is different than nature templates we created so far. Our creations this time not only green, white, and blue, we wanted to try something different. So, nature template this time wearing the dominant color violet and a little white. With animation and 3 different backgrounds in this template, any theme of the presentation will match. Download this template and I hope you like it. If you want to another template, please send your request to admin [at]4presentation[dot]net

2 Blue White Area

Blue White Area template made by 4presentation with shapes only (read: Create Shape), no images. This template size only 59 kb make your powerpoint presentation more fast. It has 3 special layouts that you can choose. Combination vector blue white transparent concept with professional animation make this template very beautiful. Compatible for many kind presentation.

1 Floral Light

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Vector, Special
Color: Gray
Description: This template is simple but is equipped with sparkling effect, our creations. And with 2 different background, special background for title slides, and curly font that makes these templates easy to use and suitable with the theme of any presentation. This template looks elegant with a silver base color, making your presentations with PowerPoint more interesting.

2 Vector Circles

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Vector, Simple
Color: Green and Yellow
Description: Simple and special vector template, default and standard font, special background for title slide, no images, shapes only. Size = 68.9 kb make your powerpoint presentation more fast. Compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

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