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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Pink. Show all posts

0 Pink Love

Pink love powerpoint  templates is designed especially for girls, it use pink colour as basic colour, like it’s title, this template use some heart shapes design to make the template’s appearance more beautiful. When people look at this powerpoint template, they will feel the love feeling from the presenter, after the audience falling in love with appearance, the presenter hope that the material that presented is acceptable and the audience understand about the topic.

This powerpoint template use pink colour to make the material readable and the people’s eyes will not hurt because this colour is soft. It will make the girls interested and want to use this template as their template when they present a material or a topic.

On the first slide, there is a rectangle that placed oblique, it is an innovation, so that the people who see at this powerpoint template will not feel bored with the same placed and design.

In the second slide of pink love design powerpoint, the heart shapes is placed in different way, this shapes are placed as the background and covered with a rectangle with pink color. This slide can be used to place the main material that will be presented or disscused.

0 Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbon the theme that used in this power point template is a ribbon, a pink ribbon. The base color of this power point template is soft pink.This power point template consists of two slides.

The first slide is used to write the title of the material that will be presented by a presenter. We can also write the member name from the group that will make the presentation or even adding a further explanation about the title of the presentation. The color of the background in the first slide is a soft pink with a streaky motif combined with a light soft pink. In this title slide there is a white colored ribbon on the right  side of the slide.

The second slide can be used to write the content of the material that will be presented by the presenter. This second slide has pink color as the background color. There is a white ribbon at the bottom of the slide and there are lines and dots are white at the top of the slide.

This power point template is more suitable for girls. This power point templates are also more suitable if used to present a presentation with the theme of the material are about something that related to the girl or woman.

0 Hello Kitty

Hello kitty is a very famous character. is it a fictional character from Japan.
She is depicted as a cute white Japanese bobtail cat that wearing a red colored ribbon in her left side of the head.
in this template, there are three slide, with three different kinds of designs. Just like a usual hello kitty, she bring a pink aura with her. So, this template is mainly in pink.

The first slide used to write the title of the slide and it’s description (the further explanation about the title of the presentation). In this slide there is full body of the hello kitty. The background color of this slide is pink and white.

The second kind of design is for the content slide. In this slide, the background color is pink. There is one face of hello kitty in the left corner and the subtitle in the right corner.

And the third,it is designed special for the last slide where we usually use it as a ‘thank you’ slide. In this slide, the background color is pink and white. This slide has a picture of hello kitty, and in the center of the slide with a thank you written beside the hello kitty.

0 Floral Pink

A template with gradient pink and white color that can make you happy, look like a simple template with pink floral and white transparent rectangular-shape. Feel free to download it, you'll not regret it.
Suitable for youths and teenager's presentation.

2 Back to School

Time to go back to school. Return studying, doing assignments, taking notes, listening to the teacher's explanations, and so on. This template is made ​​to create an atmosphere of the school, teaching and learning. This template can be used by students or teachers when presenting in class. Very easy to implement and simple with 2 different backgrounds. Download link below!

1 Moslem Female

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Special, Simple
Color: Pink, White
Description: This is a special template for you, Muslim female. These templates are very suitable for a variety of PowerPoint presentations, particularly those associated with Islam. equipped with custom title text with wordart style, and easy to use.

0 Guitarist

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Music, Simple
Color: Black, Gray, Pink
Description: Special music and simple powerpoint template, full music concept, special guitarist background, 2 different background, special background for first slide, default and standard font, people and music vector art, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for many kind powerpoint presentation, easy to use.

0 Pink Girl

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Girl, Music, Simple
Color: Black, Pink
Description: Girl, music and simple template, full girlie music concept, 2 different background, special background for first slide, default and pink font, girl and music vector art, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

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