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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Green. Show all posts

4 Squidward Smile

Squidward Tentacles is the tritagonist and a fictional character voiced by actor Rodger Bumpass in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Squidward was created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg. He first appeared on television in the series' pilot episode "Help Wanted" on May 1, 1999. Hillenburg designed Squidward with six tentacles, believing that "it was really just simpler for animation to draw him with six legs instead of eight".

Squidward is an anthropomorphic octopus who lives in a moai between SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star's houses. The character is portrayed as ill-tempered, pretentious, and cynical, and strongly despises his neighbors for their constant boisterous, noisy behavior. However, the pair are unaware of Squidward's antipathy towards them and see him as a friend. Squidward works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab restaurant.

Squidward longs for peace but his wishes remain unsatisfied. He believes he is talented and is deserving of a higher social status. The populace of Bikini Bottom do not perceive Squidward as talented in the arts; they frequently boo him and walk out on his performances.

Squidward and spongebob always in trouble and in a fight, but they loving each other.
This powerpoint presentation using Squidward as the main design to interest the people especially the kids.

0 Zebra Forest

Zebra is one of the animals in the family horse with black and white colors all over his body. Stature is no different with horses in General. Zebra is very easily distinguished from other horse types of skin colour schemes that are striped in black and white.

Although a cursory look the same, each zebra has a striped pattern that is different from each other. Dappled on the body's defense system can help the zebra zebra against predators. Striped zebra can confuse predators. Striped zebra on the body break down the contours of an animal, disguising the original shape of the zebra. When moving, zebra pattern that's more confusing again.

In contrast to the usual plain horse. Zebra is one of herbivorous or plant-eaters. Its main food is grass. But sometimes these animals also eat shrubs, leaves, twigs, bark and even. Therefore, the zebra is found in grasslands or the like. in General, the zebras live in groups. by living in a group will help in maintaining a zebra in his life.

on the powerpoint template shows a zebra in a small meadow. the grassland looks green with shady trees. Zebra in the template looks funny with dappled across her body.

0 Lion Star

The theme of this powerpoint template is a Lion, the king of animal.
Lion ( Sanskrit : Simha ) or the scientific name Pantheraleo is an animal of the family Felidae or cat types . The lion is an animal that lives in groups . Usually consisted of one male and many females . This group then safeguard his territory . Weight 150 kg male lion - 250kg . If lioness weighs 120-185 kg . Age between 10 to 15 years in the forest . But if it can be maintained up to 20 years .

The lioness is much more active in hunting , while the male lion is more relaxed and always be waiting and requesting the allotment of females hunted .Male lion believed to be more superior and powerful than the other big cats,but the drawback is that lions can not climb trees as good as the other big cats .

Male lion covered in thick fur around his neck , it is more profitable to protect his neck , especially in the free fights between big cats , which is famous for always pounce scruff to immobilize his enemies .Other big cats , such as cheetahs and Leopard has a much smaller body size than the Lions .

The lion also had one of the differences with the Tigers , although derived from the same family , the Lions do not like water , unlike tigers like water.

0 Green Mosque

A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims all over the world. in Indonesia the mosque with a small size are often referred to as "small mosque", "constrained", or "surau". the mosque can be defined as a place of prostration. aside from being a place of worship a mosque also became the Centre of the activities of the muslim community.

 The mosque has no fixed form, but depending on the culture of the local Islamic community. The General form of a mosque is a mosque Tower existence. The tower at the mosque is usually high and located at the corner of mosque complexes. The tallest minaret in the world is located at the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco. The dome is also one of the characteristic of a mosque.

Over time, the dome was expanded into a place of worship with the same underneath. While most wear a round and a half dome, mosques in the region India and Pakistan put on a dome-shaped onions. on the template power point shows a mosque big enough.

The mosque has a dome and a high tower like a mosque in General. tpower point mosque with the template can be used for presentations with religious material. However, it can also be used for other materials.

1 Environmental Changes

This power point templates have themes about environmental change. From the green and clean environment turn into a full of polution environment which caused by factory that nowadays it build in everywhere.

Environmental change are the problems faced by world today. The changes of the environment caused by waste industrial activity carried out without regard for the state of the environment. The residual activities of insudtri waste pollute water, air and soil.
templates power point consists of three slides.

The first slide can be used to write down the title of the material will be presented. Inthis first slide background colors are green, white and grey. There are also pictures of trees, butterflies and also the silhouette of the industrial plants emit smoke above it.
The second used to write the content of the material to be presented. The base color iswhite, on the slide with the silhouette of the factories that emit fumes. In this secondslide, the could can move up.

In the third slide, there is a picture of the green trees and the butterflies image in the top left hand corner. We can write the material that we will presented onthis slide, we can also write down the words of thanks at the last slide.

0 Simple Blangkon

The theme of this template is Blangkon with the background color is tosca green, an it has three different kind of designs.
The first slide is for the title slide. In this slide there is image of a head wearing a blangkon. The picture is placed in the top center of the slide, and in the bottom of the pictures you can put your title and your description of title there.

The second slide is for the content of the slide. The background color is same with the previous slide, tosca green. In this content slide, still there is a picture of a head wearing a blangkon placed in the bottom-left corner of the slide. In the right side of the picture there is a white dash-line. In the top corner of the slide there is the place to write the subtitle of the contents.

And the third slide, it is designed special for the last slide where we usually use it as a ‘thank you’ slide. Still same with the others slide, the background color is tosca green.

There is no picture of head wearing blangkon in this slide. Instead of that picture, this slide consist of a white-colored thank you word. And in the bottom of Thank You word, there are a ‘terimakasih’ word, which means thank you in Indonesian Language.

0 Black Cat Cat

This power point template has a theme of a cat, the one of the most popular pet in the world.
Caused it popular so almost all people in the world know what is cat.

Cat lineage officially recorded as cat breeds or strains of pure (pure breed),Cats have a strong body anatomy, flexible, and quick reflexes. Cats also have fangs and sharp claws to catch prey. Cat into the category of nocturnal predators (active at night and sleep during the day), which has the smell and hearing are sharper than humans. Cats can see in very bright light. Cats have a rainbow iris membrane forming the gap will be narrowed eyes. The domestic cat's original coat color was probably grayish-brown with darker tabby stripes, a color that provides excellent camouflage in a variety of environments.

All other coat colors and patterns are the result of genetic mutations; for example, solid coat colors such as black and blue are the result of a gene that suppresses tabby stripes; an orange coat is the result of a gene that transforms black pigment to orange.

And a solid white coat is the result of a gene that completely suppresses all formation of pigment.

0 Moon Cloud Green

Moon Cloud power point template is show the situation of the sky that full of clouds. In the first slide there are some cloud around a circle, the circle represent full moon with a beautiful color, dark white.
The background is dark green because it relaxed the eyes of whoever that see this template. In the circle the presenter can put the title or the topic that will be presented.

In the second slide, the circle in dark-green shows an eclipse but there is also a cloud near the corner, it means eventhough there is a eclipse in the sky, there is still a cloud in the sky. In this slide, the presenter can put the material that will be presented in the circle.
In the third slide, there is an unperfect eclipse, because the time for the eclipse has not come yet. Around the circle there are two clouds that stick to it.

The backgroud has dark-white colour. In this slide, the presenter can also put the material that will be presented in the circle, or it is used to close the presentation using “thank you” sentence.

All of the colour combination is using pastel colors for convenience of the reader, so that their eyes do not get sick from them and the material easier to read.

1 Browser Design

Powerpoint browser design is inspired by the design of Mozilla Firefox. With some green shape made as the original. 4presentation.net logo can be changed as you like or corresponding logo that you can use in your presentation material.

A vibrant green color on the header and footer design makes it elegant.
On the front page there is a NEXT HOME menu and main slide and a hyperlink to the next page. To the previous page menu icon can be clicked back around the header of each page.

Page article is almost similar to the title page only part not use the article page footer as the main page.
You are free to modify the design dpat this template as you like, because this is still the basic design course.

0 Soft Green Animations

Hello, for those who want a template that is soft and has a color that is not flashy, we have a solution to it.

Here we provide a PowerPoint template that guaranteed you will love it. Template with green base color and combined with the colors of the type with the green color makes this template into an elegant appearance.

Classical themes raised in this template makes the template is not a lot of color combination. Coupled with the vertical lines that are tailored to blend the colors, making a soft green template and classic. Part of the contents of this template is no less delicate. On the contents of this template, keep taking the basic background on the first slide, it's just that coupled with specific background for the text written in it.

This template also been coupled with animations make this template is not monotonous.

0 Green Animated Gear

4presentation.net presents Green Animated Gear. This time the design of the
powerpoint template design concept is simple and elegant seta suitable for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Then be made to the design template Green Animated Gear.
Some of the animated green gear while showing slides in this presentation. Desai little green under an elegant impression because the gradation between green and yellow and white background makes it more green lights.
WordArt formats the title is also the shades of green and yellow.
the next page design is no different with the design of the title page.
Immediately download design tempalate if your presentation is compatible with this template.

0 Moai Stone

According to sources from wikipedia.org, Moai are stone statues on Easter Island, in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Each moai is made out of one large stone. Most were made from the volcanic rock in the Rano Raraku area of the island. When, why, and how they were made is still a mystery today. It is believed that they were made almost 1000 years ago by Polynesians, who lived there at the time and were made to honour their ancestors (older family members long dead) and bring good luck. Little information about the Moai were then inspired us to make it into a powerpoint template. Where Moai background was used as a template and made ​​of vector shapes. The Moai powerpoint templates have 2 different background, the dominant background color of green and black.

8 Sword Art Online Chibi

Anime theme for the post this week, from the previous design template powerpoint about angry bird star war this time, brings anime that is popular is Sword Art Online. Starring Kirito and Asuna, a story about virtual worlds or online games.
Powerpoint design was inspired by the movie and on the title page using the background at the world Sword Art Online. This design uses powerpoint 2010, make sure your computer is installed powerpoint 2010. designs powerpoint template with pictures Kirito and Asuna chibi version, If you
like the design of this template please download it at the link below.

0 Green Shape

Here some new template powerpoint from 4 presentation. Green Shape with simply green and shape. Background color is white. Title format is word art and blue and white color. The simple template powerpoint for your presentation. This template is made by microsoft powerpoint 2010, so make sure you open properly. template design that looks elegant with a green line and a couple of boxes with transparent shades of green. This powerpoint design is not include the animation, you can create with your animations.
The size powerpoint template is only 33 kb, so it is very easy and quick to dwonload.
If you like it, download it now.

12 Bubble Nature

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Nature, Simple
Color: Green, White
Description: Nature and simple template, full go green technology concept, 2 different nature background, special background for first slide, inspire go green background, default and green font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

password: s09ua0
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