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    Music PowerPoint Templates

    Vector music background, cool design, compatible for youth ...
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    Nature PowerPoint Templates

    Inspirational nature backgrounds: sea, flowers, leaf, and more ...
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    Simple Mode PowerPoint Templates

    Easy to use, there are some background that can you choose ...
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    Complete Mode PowerPoint Templates

    Many function in this template for your best presentation. Hyperlink, sound,etc ...
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    Technology PowerPoint Templates

    Compatible for scientific project, university lecture and more ...
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    PowerPoint Tutorials

    How to make your presentation higher level, professional, and succeed ...

Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Complete. Show all posts

0 Eclipse Animation

Dark blue color is the basic of this PowerPoint designs. This template decorated with circles, stars, and moon. Animated white patterned circles rotate clockwise. Design that accentuates the impression of like being in outer space. Display the title page can be seen below.

Circle crescent motif also exists in the next slide. In this there are 5 template design options. You can use as you wish. Design options as follows

Each design template has a different animation. The design is different from the usual customize your needs. Immediate download this design.

0 Stage Curtain

This is a powerpoint template that is different from the others. We provide a stage attraction for those of you who use this template for your presentation needs. On the title slide, we give a stage curtain is equipped with custom animations. As if the show or your presentation will begin with the opening of the stage curtain.

Not only that, the spotlight will also lead to the title and subtitle of your presentation. In the second slide and onwards, your presentation materials can be accessed by clicking the next button on the bottom corner. You can also add opening music, so increasingly the show that your presentation will begin.

This is the attraction stage that we provide to you. All audiences will give attention to you and you will feel the atmosphere of the show for yourself.

7 Windows 8 Animated

Inspired by Windows 8, Windows 8 4presentation.net Animated templates offered. Design templates already with Hyperlink, the link to the slides that have been determined simply by clicking a box that is provided. The inscription on the box can be changed at will or according to the title page slide to be addressed. for example "Go to Slide 2" can be changed by writing your own.
Mark "Start" is a home that is a hyperlink like you can go back to the start screen Windows 8 slide that.
When the the start screen include with multiple animations such Fade, Pulse, and Teeter effects. WordArt formats to the title of the presentation with a white design fused with windows 8.
windows 8 Animated templates will make your presentation more interesting and professional. what are you waiting, Just download it.

note : compatible only for powerpoint 2010

0 4Menu Template

Complete but simple, as if the words were can describe how this one powerpoint templates. With a light blue background and there is a blank sheet, you can use this template for any presentation themes. Such as business, marketing, seminars, lectures, science, and so on. There are four menus that you can fill with your presentation materials. In each menu is equipped with hyperlinks. So, you can move from menu1 to menu2, menu3 to menu4, and so on. There is no custom animation, but the difference in color in the menus that's enough, so simple. Ask the us, if you have a problem with this template.

4 Modern Phone

This time, we made this template so special to you, the loyal visitors of this site. This Powerpoint template was created with purpose to can be used for all theme presentation. To use this template, you should use Powerpoint 2007 or 2010. Within this complete powerpoint template, there are 6 main menu, which is integrated with our combination of Custom Animation, and Hyperlinks. If one of the main menu is clicked, it will appear blank sheet (2 blank sheet), which can be filled with your presentation materials. Besides, these templates full Custom Animation, also adorned with Shapes that we customize the background 'modern phone'. Where, tablet pc technology also is becoming a trend nowadays.
Curious? Download, click the link below. If you have trouble using this template, just ask us by email (contact us) or comment below.

2 Spongebob Patrick

If we make a template first spongebob with a simple theme (read: Spongebob Template) and the dominance of yellow color, we now offer complete theme spongebob squarepants and patrick with combination blue and white color. there are 6 special layouts in this template. you can choose in slide panel with right click then Layouts.

0 Elegant leaf

Elegant leaf - is one of nature-themed template by using the concept elegantly decorated with leaves. This template has four layouts to choose from. well suited for biology education-themed presentations, nature, plants and others. its size was so small that light to run.

Free download Elegant leaf template

0 2010 Blue Animated

2010 Blue Animated is special template for PowerPoint 2010 (read: What's new in PowerPoint 2010?). It is equiped with vortex transition in primary slide, Galery and flip transitions for content slides. This template size only 70 kb make your powerpoint presentation more fast. simple background combine with blue shape make it very stylish.

Free download 2010 Blue Animated

0 Rainbow Shapes

Rainbow Shapes - It has 3 special layout with beautiful animation. With combination of brown, white transparent, and 3-D effect (read: Create 3-D effect)  make this template look very elegant.

Free download Rainbow Shapes template

0 Brown Windows

Brown Windows - Complete and technology template, brown gradient background, special background for title slide, 2 different background, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, with professional animation make this template very beautiful. Compatible for any presentation.

Free download Brown Windows template

3 Math Formula

Math Formula - As the development of science and IT continues, more sophisticated mathematics is required. Topics which have been studied theoretically in the past are now proving to be important in quantum physics, computer design, engineering and the financial industry. On the other hand, new mathematical topics are being invented and used to explain discoveries in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Math Formula is free complete powerpoint template from 4presentation. It is a simple powerpoint template but it is equipped with animation that makes It more interesting templete. This is recommended for presentation themes such as education, science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Free download Math Formula template

1 Flower Wall

Nature template this time is different than nature templates we created so far. Our creations this time not only green, white, and blue, we wanted to try something different. So, nature template this time wearing the dominant color violet and a little white. With animation and 3 different backgrounds in this template, any theme of the presentation will match. Download this template and I hope you like it. If you want to another template, please send your request to admin [at]4presentation[dot]net

2 Fresh Leaf

Fresh Leaf is a template that can be used for many types of theme presentation. With white and green the dominant color in the background makes your presentation more fresh. Accompanied by animated on the title text, and two different backgrounds. So, why do not you try it? Download this template and apply in your powerpoint presentation. If you want to request another template, please send to admin [at]4presentation[dot]net

0 Hexa Green

It is a simple powerpoint template but it is equipped with animation that makes It more interesting templete. A simple background makes it easy to apply on the various themes of your presentation and allows you to be more creative with this template.This template has 3 different background, which is to title slide , title and content slide and only content slide . This is recommended for presentation themes such as education, science, biology, chemistry, and physics. So, for students and teachers, these templates can be theme on your presentations powerpoint.

2 Crystal Under Water

Crystal Under Water is powerpoint template from Ikhlasul Amal (Indonesian). It has 4 special layout. First slide equipped with sparkling and shining effect. Not only the first slide that has beautiful animation but also three others. You can change layout with right click on the slide and choose layout. With combination of blue, white transparent, and 3-D effect (read: Create 3-D effect)  make this template look very elegant.

If you want to submit your design template in 4presentation.net, please send to admin[at]4presentation[dot]net
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