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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Brown. Show all posts

0 Ice Cream

Ice cream is the most favorite food in the world. Everybody like ice cream, regardless their ages, from kids to the old people. That’s why we used ice cream as the theme of this  template.

Ice cream has so many flavour, such as strawberry, honeydew, chocolate, vanilla, tirramisu, caramel, etc. Now there are some innovation to combine the flavour of ice cream. In Indonesian, people make ice cream using sweet potato, sweet potato has purple colour, it can be used as natural color of ice cream.  It also can be made from every kind of fruits, such as durian, orange, apple, grape, etc.

No matter how time it is, people can consumed ice cream wherever and whenever they want to. It is especially consumed when the weather is hot, for example when people sunbath at the beach or when they have gone outside to enjoy the holiday, but some people also consumed ice cream in the cold sittuation, eventhough it is rainy ,they keep eat ice cream. Bcause the taste of ice cream like has subtance ,that make people addicted to eat ice cream again and again.

The ice cream that shown in this template drawn so yummy with a sprinkle (Indonesian people usually called meses) in the top of the ice cream.

0 Classic Border

Many people who argue that the classical stuff was definitely more unique and even more is considered better than the contemporary stuff. With the impression that there is a classic on this template can make your presentation become more unique look and is expected people will be interested and participate in your presentation. This template can be applied to various theme or topic of the presentation. Get this free template, click the link below. You can also see how to choose a topic for a presentation, read: Topic for Presentation.

Free download Classic Border template

2 Library

Library is a large collection of books, and can refer to the place in which the collection is housed. Today, the term can refer to any collection, including digital sources, resources, and services.

This time we give Library Template free for you. This is recommended for presentation themes such as education, science, biology, chemistry, and physics. in future we hope 4presentation.net will be library of powerpoint templates and tutorials that liked by everyone. :)

Free download Library template

0 Rainbow Shapes

Rainbow Shapes - It has 3 special layout with beautiful animation. With combination of brown, white transparent, and 3-D effect (read: Create 3-D effect)  make this template look very elegant.

Free download Rainbow Shapes template

0 Brown Windows

Brown Windows - Complete and technology template, brown gradient background, special background for title slide, 2 different background, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, with professional animation make this template very beautiful. Compatible for any presentation.

Free download Brown Windows template

0 Chemical Element

This template is specially made for the theme of PowerPoint related to science. For you, chemical scientists, students, teachers or academics who study the science of chemistry, try and apply this template in your learning. By simple design and layout, make it easy to use anyone who watched your presentation. You can insert animation, video, sound, and others to support the presentation will be more high-level and professional. If you want to another template, please send your request to admin [at]4presentation[dot]net

0 Sand Team

This is a team that was formed with members consisting of Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. All three were came from countries of sand (Sunagakure) and interesting on this team is they are still siblings. The team became the most feared teams during chunin exams in the anime series Naruto. When the exam was Gaara still have the power of One-Tailed Shukaku, and he will ruthlessly kill his opponents. Even so, we want to show the Sand Team in the form of chibi characters where they have turned into good by helping village of Naruto (Konoha) when the team against Orochimaru.
This template is simple and easy to apply with your powerpoint theme. Please download this template and try it!

5 Leaf and Wood

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Nature, Simple
Color: Green, Brown
Description: Special nature template, 2 different leaf background, special background for first slide, default and standard font, custom title text box with wood background, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

Password: onv5y78
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