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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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0 Togetherness

The Beauty of Togetherness
This power point templates design with the theme is the beauty of togetherness. This power point template is composed of four slides.
The first slide is used to write the title of the material that will be presented by a presenter. The background color of the first slide is blue.

In the first slide, there are images of people standing together with the board. This board is a place to write down the title of the material that will be presented.
The second slide can be used to write the material or content that will be presented. Background color of this second slide is brown with a large yellow square. There is pencil image in bottom left corner.

In the third slide, we can write the continue of the contents of the material that will be presented. The background color of the second slide is brown with a large square is yellow. There is pencil image in bottom right corner.

The third is the last slide of the slide can be used to write words of thanks. This slide has blue background color. In this slide, there are the pictures of people standing together in behind of the board. We can write the words of thanks in this board.

0 Retro City

Retro city or in Indonesian Language we usually called as Retro Perkotaan is the main theme of this powerpoint templates.
The main point that shows the retro city’s side in this powerpoint templates is the picture’s siluet or the shadow of the city in the bottom part of the content slide.

This siluet show us about the situation of the town (city). The Town drawn has many buildings, whether the building that has one floor, two floor or more but less than five floor, or the building that has more than five floor, the buldings that has more than five floors are categorized as high rises buildings or skyscraper. Buildings in the town come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. In the crowded city, the building is built stand in line without space.

In this template, there are three kind of different designs. But it still has a similarity between the three of them, that is the design of the background. Both of the three designs has a light pink background with a light blue colored line in the top of it.
For the title slide, there are two blue boxes in the center of the slide which are used as the title of the presenation and it’s description (for example for the name of the group or maybe for a further explanation about the title of the presentation).

And for the content slide, it have two different kind of designs. Actually it almost the same, the difference is just in the color of the air ballon. Both of the two designs has the same background with a picture of the city’s siluet in the bottom part of the slide and a picture of an air ballon in the top corner of the slide (for the first content’s slide design the color of the air ballon is red, green, and yellow, meanwhile for another designs the color are purple, grey, and brown)

0 Aquarium Fish

Unlike mammals, fish are cold-blooded. This means that they do not maintain a constant internal body temperature; instead, their temperature is greatly influenced by their environment. True fish have a backbone and fins. Most also breathe with gills and have scales that cover their bodies. It is currently believed that fish began to evolve about 480 million years ago. There are about 22,000 known species of fish.

A fish's fins are used for balance and to help propel and steer through the water. Most fish have 2 types of fins: single fins that are found along the centerline (top and bottom) of the fish, and paired fins. The caudal fin, or tail fin, is the main fin used to move the fish forward in the water, while the dorsal and anal fins (on the top and bottom, respectively) help the fish balance and keep it from rolling over. The paired fins help with steering and hovering.

On the outside of the skin, most fish have scales. These overlap in rows and help protect the fish against injuries and infection. In some species (for example, puffer fish) the skin covers the scales—creating a living surface. Their edges are jagged and sharp in some fish, and smooth and rounded in others. Over the scales, fish secrete a mucous covering to further protect against infection.

The mucus traps and immobilizes bacteria and viruses, keeping them from entering the fish's body. This covering also helps reduce friction, allowing the fish to move easily through the water.

0 Simple Bike

This power point template is about a bicycle or usually just called as bike.
Bicycle is one of the means of transport in the world. the bike is an environmentally friendly means of transport. In addition to the cheap price, bicycles do not cause air pollution, noise pollution and environmental pollution. the reason for this was the one who made the developed countries prefer a bike into a transport tool favored by the people.

Communities in countries like Korea and Japan are more fond of using bicycles as their main means of transport. Does the bike instead of the vehicle quickly. But the bike is the safest vehicle, rather than motor vehicles. Many benefits of cycling. In addition to driving, bikes can also be used for sports.
In the slide, there is people who were riding a bicycle on the long road with a light blue colored cloud as the backrgound.

The afternoon is the right moment for cycling. Under a blazing sun to be immersed into a pleasant atmosphere makes the cycling.

Diaphoretic in the afternoon, make the body become healthy and fit. Not a few people take the time just for cycling in the afternoon. To simply eject sweat and leisure.

4 Football

Football Who does not like football? Almost everyone on this earth with a sport like this. The game is played by two teams, each consisting of 11 players, and who has the most to put the ball into the opponent's goal, it is they who will be the winner. Football has progressed not only in the world of sports, but also a lifestyle, profession, entertainment, business, and even politics. This is why football became one of the phenomenal sport. So the great interest of people in football even spawned the biggest football competition in the world which is held every 4 years, FIFA World Cup. In 2014 that will come soon, the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, the city that gave birth to many great football players. For you fans of soccer and love with this sport, we dedicate this powerpoint template. This template will allow you to present the matter of sports, especially football. 

0 Pencil and Ruler

These two objects are needed in a variety of jobs, particularly in schools and offices. Although the pencil and ruler are included in the equipment office but early we know two objects when started from school days. Is now the time school is complete? Or are you on school holiday? Or you're studying in junior class?

You may also teach or be a school teacher. You all can use this powerpoint template to support communication in the classroom. Like to help you explain to the students, or helping students to ask questions to the teacher. This template is easy, simple, and can be used to explain issues related to the theme of education.

1 Mac Design

Mac Design inspired by some simple and iconic design mac. Using animation to enhance your powerpoint 2010 animation between slides. Changing slides will be very nice and interesting to watch.

The main menu on the title page as the above screenshot, mac menu when clicked will go to the next slide which contains the folders that have been given a hyperlink to the slides that have been determined. You can change the slide posts as you like or you just want a hyperlink and keeping only then delete the folder.

Article for menu design is not so different from the title page. Charming blue background adds elegant impression and it looks professional presentation.

note : compatible only for powerpoint 2010

0 Ice Arrow

Powerpoint design this time is a slide with a mix of blue and ice as an additional ornament is ice blue arrows.
Simple design and good enough for presentation. Blue color is not so obvious.
The main display in the form of three arrows and elegant ice blue background under the title. Titles that use the word Art and little effect on the reflectance of the mirror so that the letters are going to add a dynamic and elegant impression. The main use for the background style pattern that is in powerpoint itself.

To view the next page is the title of the display is smaller so it can be put together with article pages for presentation.
This template is not using animation, you can add to suit your needs. Animation between slides can also add your own, so as to beautify the appearance of your presentation.
Click the link to download it

0 4Menu Template

Complete but simple, as if the words were can describe how this one powerpoint templates. With a light blue background and there is a blank sheet, you can use this template for any presentation themes. Such as business, marketing, seminars, lectures, science, and so on. There are four menus that you can fill with your presentation materials. In each menu is equipped with hyperlinks. So, you can move from menu1 to menu2, menu3 to menu4, and so on. There is no custom animation, but the difference in color in the menus that's enough, so simple. Ask the us, if you have a problem with this template.

1 Business Plan

When you start a business, or when you are run into a crisis in your work and your business. And also when you want to develop your business, especially your network. You need and must design a plan. That's important, without a plan, your business will not succeed, you will see a lot of unexpected problems, the course of your business becomes stagnant, erratic and would easily collapse. Believe, it's true. So, design your business plan from now. To enhance the professional in the delivery of your business plan, use this powerpoint template, use it in your presentation.

3 Doraemon

4presentation.net this time inspired by Doraemon. Doraemon is very well known from the past until now. Because the magic of magic bag that can provide what is asked for Nobita and doors anywhere can take anywhere requested Nobita or the other. Powerpoint design looks interesting titles, such as color gradation dark blue, blue and white slightly, then use the font of the WordArt styles. Coupled two rectangles using a mirror effect and shadow makes a 3-dimension look as if arise. Doraemon picture near the rectangle is making more cool powerpoint template designs. Download link below and visit the always 4presentation.net

9 One Piece Luffy

Still theme of anime, this time featuring a design template powerpoint One Piece. One of the anime that is not less interesting with Naruto, the comic also beamed almost comparable to Naruto. On the cover page design uses cloud background and looking the ocean. Equipped Luffy chibi version and sunny go the ships straw hat pirate groups. The design template is created and on powerpoint 2010. design file size is not so big only about 600kb. on both the second page design is not so different from the design of the cover page. If you like one piece download its collection of powerpoint templates so that your presentation more attractive because it uses an interesting thing.

0 Construction Tower

These templates are tailored to the theme of a presentation on civil engineering, architecture, construction and planning, town planning. Thus the template is suitable for those who work in the construction, building design or as an architect. With a blue base color degradation, we hope you like it!

0 Black Diary

The latest from 4presentation, the simple and elegant design. themed diary on where to write. with the black background and abstract that show how this elegant design. suitable for any presentation anywhere and anytime. featuring two different designs on display the title and the next slide but still themed and simple diary. as usual keep using WordArt styles in writing the title. a bit using the design shape to complement the beauty of this the PowerPoint template. This template does not contain animation, so if you want to use please add your own animations.
Do not forget to visit 4presentation.net, distribute them to friends, co-workers, or neighbors about this. good luck.

0 Colorful Shape

There a unique template with 4 color shape and 2 small shape.  
The PowerPoint designs that just inspired by the pile of colorful boxes.Mixing in blue, green, orange and purple. With white background showing how simple template. Word art with format and mirror effect. Title with blue and green color. With a mirror effect in the main title and the mixed colors that inconspicuous letter makes a very nice and simple. Immediately download this the PowerPoint template to complete your collection because this the PowerPoint design size is very small so it is fast to download and do not forget to visit 4presentation.net

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