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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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0 Cover Album

A photographic album, or photo album, is a collection of photographs, generally in a book.
Some albums have compartments which the photos may be slipped into.

other albums have heavy paper with an abrasive surface covered with clear plastic sheets, in which photos can be put.
Older style albums often were simply books of heavy paper which photos could be glued to or attached to with adhesive corners, or pages.
Albums can be created as a family or event record.

This cover album power point template inspired by the photo album,
that usually used to keep the photo so that the photo will not easily lost or to collect the photo that have been printed.
Some photo album enclose holder or zipper or button to close the album so that the photo will not easily out from the album and lost.
This template use black as the background colour, it shows the shape and the colour of the photo album.
In this template there is a circle shape on the front side and square shape at the back.
This shape show the holder of the photo album.

User can write some text in the background or in the holder shape, whether in the circle or square form.
It can be used to write the chapter of the material or something else.

2 Photography

Photography is the process of making paintings using the medium of light. Generally terms, photography means the process to produce an image or photograph of an object. The most popular tools used for photography is the camera. Meanwhile, people who done photography called Photographers.Lately, along with the rapid technological advances, the more that has a camera and photography hobby. For those of you photographers or people who love the world of photography, we present a PowerPoint template that take the theme of the photography world. The idea was prompted by looking at the current trend of people who are enjoying the world of photography. This PowerPoint template, has a simple design with a blend of photogravure and has a black base color. Please enjoy.

0 Stage Curtain

This is a powerpoint template that is different from the others. We provide a stage attraction for those of you who use this template for your presentation needs. On the title slide, we give a stage curtain is equipped with custom animations. As if the show or your presentation will begin with the opening of the stage curtain.

Not only that, the spotlight will also lead to the title and subtitle of your presentation. In the second slide and onwards, your presentation materials can be accessed by clicking the next button on the bottom corner. You can also add opening music, so increasingly the show that your presentation will begin.

This is the attraction stage that we provide to you. All audiences will give attention to you and you will feel the atmosphere of the show for yourself.

0 Bokeh Presentation

The term Bokeh comes from the Japanese word meaning blur. In general, bokeh is a picture where the main object looks sharp, while other objects, the background or foreground, becomes blur. But not as simple as it is to make a bokeh effect. You can use the camera with a particular technique, for the professional cameraman, the effect of it regarded easy. But you can outsmart by using software (photoshop or corel). The trick was applied in making this powerpoint template backgrounds. With black as the dominant color, this template will be suitable for various themes of your presentation. There are 2 different backgrounds, namely for the title slide and text slides.

0 Black Diary

The latest from 4presentation, the simple and elegant design. themed diary on where to write. with the black background and abstract that show how this elegant design. suitable for any presentation anywhere and anytime. featuring two different designs on display the title and the next slide but still themed and simple diary. as usual keep using WordArt styles in writing the title. a bit using the design shape to complement the beauty of this the PowerPoint template. This template does not contain animation, so if you want to use please add your own animations.
Do not forget to visit 4presentation.net, distribute them to friends, co-workers, or neighbors about this. good luck.

0 Simple Business

Some template for business, marketing powerpoint, business powerpoint or more. if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who needs the PowerPoint template for promotion. This the PowerPoint template design may be able to help you in promoting a product or any business related. the PowerPoint template design is very simple, just based on the basic shape and color only black and white. with the white background and text color the title using WordArt white. added with the business-themed images. so download this template or if you want it, just download it. Don't forget to visit 4presentation.net. Happy downloading and enjoy.

0 Abstract Neon

This morning we create powerpoint templates just for you.  Abstract Neon, a simple template with abtract background, simple shape with white edge and transparent black color. Including 3 layouts and simple animation (Fade and Fly in), very elegant and luxury with any presentation.

2 The Bulb

This template can be used for presentations with any theme. Education, motivation, social, culture, political, economic, business, engineering, religion, all themes that presentation can use this template. It includes templates made simple enough so you just apply it. There are 2 background 'Bulb' is different.

2 Financial Powerpoint

For you are an office worker, businessman, or accountant, we provide templates to support your work, especially in the presentation. There are 2 in the background here are simple and fit in with your work.
Download this template, click the link below.

Free download Financial Powerpoint template

0 White Black Drum

Drum is one of the most dominant musical voice and is very easy to guess his voice in a concert, musical, or song. We come back to again provide the music template. After a while 4Presentation no longer publish templates music. For this time, we present to you a template with the dominant color is white and black. This template is easy to use and simple. Download this free template, click the link below.

2 Greenspot

This is a powerpoint template that we made the most simple. The goal is to be suitable for use on a variety of presentation themes that you convey. With a green background with small spots on it, this template looks elegant. We hope you like it and download this template and click the link below. Please Contact Us, if there is criticism and suggestion, it really helps us going forward.

Free download Greenspot template

2 Team 7

This is PowerPoint template that we created specifically for the edition "Naruto Special Template". Although this template is using the anime-themed background, this template is made very simple in order to facilitate users when to apply them in a variety of presentation themes. With a background of Team 7, or better known in the anime series Naruto as Team Kakashi, powerpoint template is expected to be make the presentation more interest. Team Kakashi, also known as Team 7, is a team led by Kakashi Hatake and was formed after the members became genin. The members were selected in order to balance out their talents. Naruto, the worst student in his graduating class, would benefit from Sakura's intelligence and Sasuke's proficiency with ninja skills.

1 Meeting

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Business, Simple
Color: Black, Blue, Gray
Description: This bakcground template is suitable for any type of theme presentation. PowerPoint presentation with the theme of business economics and corporate office activities more appropriate with this template. This is included in the template with simple mode so easy to use and apply.

1 Construction Project

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Technology, Simple
Color: Black, Yellow
Description: 2 different background, special background for first slide, suitable for presentation themed technology, science, development or construction project but still compatible for many kind presentation, custom title text with wordart style, easy to use.

1 Kaaba

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Special, Complete
Color: Green, Yellow
Description: Special powerpoint template for presentation about hajj. Request by Nabih Bawazir from Indonesia. This template contain 3 slide. opened by Bassmallah animated. simple star animated in every slide. beautiful floral vector in corner slide. use alhambra font for title.

If you want to request design template in 4presentation.net, please fill out the form in Contact Us menu. Free..!! ^_^
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