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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Animations. Show all posts

1 Red Wave

Red wave is the wave which has red color.Red colour that we hope can shows it bravery.
The theme of this template is wave, where it has three different kind of designs. The first design is for the title slide. The first design has jingga color as the background and the picture of wave who just come out from the sea.

The second kind of design is for the content slide. In this slide, the background color is red. In the bottom corner there is a picture of a jingga wave. And the third,it is designed special for the last slide where we usually use it as a ‘thank you’ slide. This slide has a picture of red and orange wave. In the top of the slide there is a word thank you written upper the wave picture.

Do you know what is the special thing that came out from this powerpoint template ? the answer is the animation. If you show the slide in the slide show mode (or you just simply press the F5 button) you will find an interesting animation from it.

The wave is waving, just like a real wave. It can makes your presentation more beautiful with that an eye chatching wave

0 Green Animated Gear

4presentation.net presents Green Animated Gear. This time the design of the
powerpoint template design concept is simple and elegant seta suitable for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Then be made to the design template Green Animated Gear.
Some of the animated green gear while showing slides in this presentation. Desai little green under an elegant impression because the gradation between green and yellow and white background makes it more green lights.
WordArt formats the title is also the shades of green and yellow.
the next page design is no different with the design of the title page.
Immediately download design tempalate if your presentation is compatible with this template.

7 Windows 8 Animated

Inspired by Windows 8, Windows 8 4presentation.net Animated templates offered. Design templates already with Hyperlink, the link to the slides that have been determined simply by clicking a box that is provided. The inscription on the box can be changed at will or according to the title page slide to be addressed. for example "Go to Slide 2" can be changed by writing your own.
Mark "Start" is a home that is a hyperlink like you can go back to the start screen Windows 8 slide that.
When the the start screen include with multiple animations such Fade, Pulse, and Teeter effects. WordArt formats to the title of the presentation with a white design fused with windows 8.
windows 8 Animated templates will make your presentation more interesting and professional. what are you waiting, Just download it.

note : compatible only for powerpoint 2010

0 Creating animations with effects Grow

Creating animations on the icon with the effects of the Grow / Shrink - After some time studying animation in id.4presentation.net , for this time animations with effects Grow / Shrink that will be discussed. Than in most theories, let alone direct practice, will make the animation , animated icons below will enlarge and then shrink with smooth.
1. Prepare the icons, like the images, if you don't have it you can download here or if you want to use your own icon its no problem. 
2. Then make such as images , for the shape under the icons that can be made by use toolbar menu select insert, then shapes, select the Rounded Rectangle.
3. Then click Format on the main toolbar select Subtle effect -Aqua
102 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink
4. and then make such a picture, click the icon home and then on the toolbar menu select Animations
25 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink

    then the selection effect select the Grow / Shrink
 35 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink
5. double click picture 5 (the names can be different) in the Animation Pane
44 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink 
6. then new window will appear like the image bellow and create like this
54 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink 
    and select the timing
64 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink
7. for animated icons next, just have to copy-paste the animation with animation painter,clik the home first home icon and click on the animation painter and then navigate images like brooms / brushes paint onto another icon, it will automatically copy the animation from the icon home to another icon. repeat until all icons filled with animation.
73 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink

8. Right click on picture 4, and select start after previous , repeat for the icon after that, the right arrow icon and the exit icon
 82 Membuat Animasi dengan efek Grow/Shrink
Good luck, hopefully you can make it, it is a bit tricky. I'll see you in the next tutorial, go on to learn powerpoint in 4presentation.net

0 Make Animation Light Glossy

On this occasion we will share a tutorial on making light animation slide as shiny. With this effect your slides look more elegant. Curious? Please be listened to
  1. Make a shape with a rectangular shape on the slide that you want to give a glossy effect like below.

  2. Right-click on the rectangle and choose Format Shape.
  3. Select fill > Gradient fill, and then setting the color gradient stopnya like this

    Stop 1: white color, 0% transparency
    Stop 2: white color, 50% transparency
    Stop 3: white color, 100% transparency
  4. Still in the Format Shape, select Line Color and then click No line.
  5. Image rotation so that it becomes as follows

  6. moving picture to the lower right corner until the picture is not visible.
  7. Give the animation motion path from lower left to upper right.

  8. Adjust the speed according to your taste
  9. Good luck.

1 Stars Animation

Do you like stars in the night sky? In this time we will make stars in slide! Interesting? Let’s make it!
  1. Make dark background
  2. Create star from shape (read: Create Shape) , change star color with white or yellow. And remove the line.

  3. Give effect white glow. Click shape > Drawing tools (Format) > Shape Effect > Glow > More Glow colors > Click white

  4. Give entrance animation effect. Click shape > Animations > Custom Animation > add Effect > Entrance > Faded Zoom.

    Setting: Start= with previous, Speed= very fast
  5. Give exit animation effect. add Effect > Exit > Faded Zoom.

    Setting: Start= after previous, speed= very fast, delay= 0.1 Seconds (right click in the exit animation > Timing > Delay > Ok)
  6. Copy and paste the star. place it anywhere, and resize with your creation.

  7. The stars now in you slide! This will make your presentation more beautiful!

0 Scrolling Ticker Effect

Scrolling News Ticker - In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Scrolling News Ticker which can be placed at the bottom or top of the slide for you to display any news and information

  1. First, add a textbox onto the slide.
  2. Type in the news and information that you want to display to the audience.
  3. Now, move the textbox off the slide so that it can't be seen on the slide itself. Place the textbox on the bottom left, just beside the edge of the slide.
  4. Click Slide Show > Custom Animation.
  5. Select the textbox, then click Add Effect > Entrance > Crawl In.
  6. Set the Direction: "From Bottom" to "From Right".
  7. Now, right click on the effect and select Timing.
  8. Click on the Speed input field and type in "20 seconds". You can also set a speed of your preference.
  9. Click on the Repeat dropdown field and select "Until End of Slide". This allows the ticker to scroll forever.
  10. Finally, click Ok to apply the changes.

Note: that if you want to do this on multiple slides, add the ticker onto the Slide Master (Click View > Master > Slide Master), instead of the current slide.

2 PowerPoint Masking Animation

Did you ever see the spotlights on the stage, a moving player to shine on stage. Now we will try to create stage lighting effects (Masking Animation) are in PowerPoint. Curious? Here are the steps:
  1. Open your PowerPoint program.
  2. Create a dark background.
  3. Create text boxs "4PRESENTATION " and match the letters with the background color.
  4. Create shadow effect stage light. For example, here I use the white color (bright colors, yellow) with the following details:
    > Create a circle with a white color and the color line made "no line" (without the edge of the circle line)
    > Select the circle then give the effect of color (fill effects) Gradient tab, select the two colors, white berries to color 1 and color 2
    > and set the transparency from 0% to 100%
    > Select the shading styles from center
    > select the first variant
    > then, click "OK"
  5. And set the order with the arrangement, the rear is the background color, then the effect of the circle, then at the front it says "4PRESENTATION" which would be the effect of masking.
  6. Insert animation that runs on a circle with "custom animation" and pass the text boxs "4PRESENTATION"
  7. Ta Ra!! Animation masking has finished.

NOTE : this tutorial special for powerpoint 2003. but you can also make it from powerpoint 2007 or 2010 with change step 4. make your creation..!!! Good luck..!!!!

0 Add transitions between slides

Add transitions between slides - to make your presentation more interesting and elegant, you can try this.

What is Slide transitions??

Slide transitions are the animation - like effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next. You can control the speed of each slide transition effect, and you can also add sound.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 includes many different types of slide transitions, including (but not limited to) the following:
1. No transition

2. Blinds Horizontal

3. Blinds Vertical

4. Box In

5. Box Out

6. Checkerboard Across

7. Checkerboard Down

8. Comb Horizontal

9. Comb Vertical

To see more transition effects, in the Quick Styles list, click the More button as shown in the diagram above.

there are some slide transitions in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
just click animations on menu bar.
You can control the speed of each slide transition effect, it mean you can increase or decrease the speed of transition, fast or slow slide transition. and you can also add sound.
How to it?? its easy, on the right of the animations menu or sreenshoot bellow.
Good luck.

0 Animations for SmartArt graphics

Animations that you apply to a SmartArt graphic are different from animations that you can apply to shapes, text, or WordArt

How to add smart art animations:
  1. Click the SmartArt graphic (read: Create a SmartArt graphic) that you want to animate.  
  2. On the Animations tab, in the Animations group, select the animation that you want from the Animate list.
When you animate your SmartArt graphic, depending on the layout that you use, you can choose from among the following options.

Animation Description:
  • As one object : The animation is applied as though the entire SmartArt graphic is one large picture or object (object: A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information. Objects created in one application, for example spreadsheets, and linked or embedded in another application are OLE objects.).
  • All at once : All of the shapes in the SmartArt graphic are animated at the same time. The difference between this animation and As one object is most notable in animations where the shapes rotate or grow. With All at once, each shape rotates or grows individually. With As one object, the entire SmartArt graphic rotates or grows.
  • One by one : Each shape is animated individually, one after the other.
  • By branch one by one : All of the shapes in the same branch are animated at the same time. This animation works well with branches of an organization chart or a hierarchy layout and is similar to One by one.
  • By level at once : All shapes at the same level are animated at the same time. For example, if you have a layout with three shapes that contain Level 1 text and three shapes that contain Level 2 text, the three shapes that contain Level 1 text are animated together first, and then the three shapes that contain Level 2 text are animated together.
  • By level one by one : The shapes in the SmartArt graphic are animated first by level and then individually within that level. For example, if you have a layout with four shapes that contain Level 1 text and three shapes that contain Level 2 text, each of the four shapes that contain Level 1 text are animated individually first, and then each of the three shapes that contain Level 2 text are animated individually.
Good Luck.
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