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    Music PowerPoint Templates

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    Simple Mode PowerPoint Templates

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    Complete Mode PowerPoint Templates

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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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Showing posts with label Abstract. Show all posts

1 Red Wave

Red wave is the wave which has red color.Red colour that we hope can shows it bravery.
The theme of this template is wave, where it has three different kind of designs. The first design is for the title slide. The first design has jingga color as the background and the picture of wave who just come out from the sea.

The second kind of design is for the content slide. In this slide, the background color is red. In the bottom corner there is a picture of a jingga wave. And the third,it is designed special for the last slide where we usually use it as a ‘thank you’ slide. This slide has a picture of red and orange wave. In the top of the slide there is a word thank you written upper the wave picture.

Do you know what is the special thing that came out from this powerpoint template ? the answer is the animation. If you show the slide in the slide show mode (or you just simply press the F5 button) you will find an interesting animation from it.

The wave is waving, just like a real wave. It can makes your presentation more beautiful with that an eye chatching wave

0 Pink Love

Pink love powerpoint  templates is designed especially for girls, it use pink colour as basic colour, like it’s title, this template use some heart shapes design to make the template’s appearance more beautiful. When people look at this powerpoint template, they will feel the love feeling from the presenter, after the audience falling in love with appearance, the presenter hope that the material that presented is acceptable and the audience understand about the topic.

This powerpoint template use pink colour to make the material readable and the people’s eyes will not hurt because this colour is soft. It will make the girls interested and want to use this template as their template when they present a material or a topic.

On the first slide, there is a rectangle that placed oblique, it is an innovation, so that the people who see at this powerpoint template will not feel bored with the same placed and design.

In the second slide of pink love design powerpoint, the heart shapes is placed in different way, this shapes are placed as the background and covered with a rectangle with pink color. This slide can be used to place the main material that will be presented or disscused.

1 Mac Design

Mac Design inspired by some simple and iconic design mac. Using animation to enhance your powerpoint 2010 animation between slides. Changing slides will be very nice and interesting to watch.

The main menu on the title page as the above screenshot, mac menu when clicked will go to the next slide which contains the folders that have been given a hyperlink to the slides that have been determined. You can change the slide posts as you like or you just want a hyperlink and keeping only then delete the folder.

Article for menu design is not so different from the title page. Charming blue background adds elegant impression and it looks professional presentation.

note : compatible only for powerpoint 2010

0 Ice Arrow

Powerpoint design this time is a slide with a mix of blue and ice as an additional ornament is ice blue arrows.
Simple design and good enough for presentation. Blue color is not so obvious.
The main display in the form of three arrows and elegant ice blue background under the title. Titles that use the word Art and little effect on the reflectance of the mirror so that the letters are going to add a dynamic and elegant impression. The main use for the background style pattern that is in powerpoint itself.

To view the next page is the title of the display is smaller so it can be put together with article pages for presentation.
This template is not using animation, you can add to suit your needs. Animation between slides can also add your own, so as to beautify the appearance of your presentation.
Click the link to download it

0 Bokeh Presentation

The term Bokeh comes from the Japanese word meaning blur. In general, bokeh is a picture where the main object looks sharp, while other objects, the background or foreground, becomes blur. But not as simple as it is to make a bokeh effect. You can use the camera with a particular technique, for the professional cameraman, the effect of it regarded easy. But you can outsmart by using software (photoshop or corel). The trick was applied in making this powerpoint template backgrounds. With black as the dominant color, this template will be suitable for various themes of your presentation. There are 2 different backgrounds, namely for the title slide and text slides.

0 Black Diary

The latest from 4presentation, the simple and elegant design. themed diary on where to write. with the black background and abstract that show how this elegant design. suitable for any presentation anywhere and anytime. featuring two different designs on display the title and the next slide but still themed and simple diary. as usual keep using WordArt styles in writing the title. a bit using the design shape to complement the beauty of this the PowerPoint template. This template does not contain animation, so if you want to use please add your own animations.
Do not forget to visit 4presentation.net, distribute them to friends, co-workers, or neighbors about this. good luck.

0 Colorful Shape

There a unique template with 4 color shape and 2 small shape.  
The PowerPoint designs that just inspired by the pile of colorful boxes.Mixing in blue, green, orange and purple. With white background showing how simple template. Word art with format and mirror effect. Title with blue and green color. With a mirror effect in the main title and the mixed colors that inconspicuous letter makes a very nice and simple. Immediately download this the PowerPoint template to complete your collection because this the PowerPoint design size is very small so it is fast to download and do not forget to visit 4presentation.net

0 Green Shape

Here some new template powerpoint from 4 presentation. Green Shape with simply green and shape. Background color is white. Title format is word art and blue and white color. The simple template powerpoint for your presentation. This template is made by microsoft powerpoint 2010, so make sure you open properly. template design that looks elegant with a green line and a couple of boxes with transparent shades of green. This powerpoint design is not include the animation, you can create with your animations.
The size powerpoint template is only 33 kb, so it is very easy and quick to dwonload.
If you like it, download it now.

0 Floral Pink

A template with gradient pink and white color that can make you happy, look like a simple template with pink floral and white transparent rectangular-shape. Feel free to download it, you'll not regret it.
Suitable for youths and teenager's presentation.

0 Night Floral

Floral special template powerpoint for everyone who like floral. A template powerpoint with most blue color. Very elegant with any presentation, for education, meeting, promotion and more.
Hope can this template powerpoint useful.

0 Abstract Neon

This morning we create powerpoint templates just for you.  Abstract Neon, a simple template with abtract background, simple shape with white edge and transparent black color. Including 3 layouts and simple animation (Fade and Fly in), very elegant and luxury with any presentation.

0 Colorful Floral

On the template this time, we make a variety of colors for the display brightness in your presentation. Coupled with a charming artistic make your template becomes more beautiful. Combined with bright colors, also increase the brightness in your template. The color orange, green, blue and purple indicates that the template is suitable for a unformal presentation. Four colors were a major background in this template with gradations of color on the bottom. It was made in order to make the colors in the background is not too flashy. With it, the title and sub ​​title of your presentation is more clearly visible. Because in this template letters tend to be colored purple.
you are interested in this template?
let's download at the link provided.

Free download Colorful Floral template

2 Greenspot

This is a powerpoint template that we made the most simple. The goal is to be suitable for use on a variety of presentation themes that you convey. With a green background with small spots on it, this template looks elegant. We hope you like it and download this template and click the link below. Please Contact Us, if there is criticism and suggestion, it really helps us going forward.

Free download Greenspot template

10 Purplest

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Simple
Color: Violet, White
Description: Simple and special abstract vector template, violet nature background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

2 Abstract Red

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Simple
Color: Black, Red
Description: Simple and special abstract template, vector abstract background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

Password: whr893y

1 Black Transparent

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Complete
Color: Black
Description: Simple and special abstract powerpoint template, black abstract background, special transparation concept for slide, default and standard font, hyperlink, available action buttons, compatible for many kind powerpoint presentation, easy to use.

0 For Business

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Business, Complete
Color: Blue, White
Description: Simple and business template, blue business background, special background for title slide, 2 different background, fade smoothly as animation transition slide, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for business presentation, easy to use.

6 Violetech

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Simple
Color: Violet, Black
Description: Simple and special abstract vector template, violet technology background, special background for title slide, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for many kind presentation, easy to use.

1 Businessman

Designer: 4Presentation.net
Theme: Abstract, Business, Complete
Color: Black, Gray, White
Description: Complete and business template, black businessman background, special background for title slide, pentagon 8 and faded swivel as custom animation for title text, title slide completed by custom shapes and sound, default and standard font, custom title text with wordart style, compatible for business presentation, easy to use.

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