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Welcome to 4presentation.net

We create powerpoint templates and tutorials to make your presentation higher level and more professional.

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1 Football

Football Who does not like football? Almost everyone on this earth with a sport like this. The game is played by two teams, each consisting of 11 players, and who has the most to put the ball into the opponent's goal, it is they who will be the winner. Football has progressed not only in the world of sports, but also a lifestyle, profession, entertainment, business, and even politics. This is why football became one of the phenomenal sport. So the great interest of people in football even spawned the biggest football competition in the world which is held every 4 years, FIFA World Cup. In 2014 that will come soon, the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, the city that gave birth to many great football players. For you fans of soccer and love with this sport, we dedicate this powerpoint template. This template will allow you to present the matter of sports, especially football. 

1 Artistic

Do you like the simple things? But it is also interesting, beautiful, and has a value of art? This template is the answer. With a simple and artistic design, this template can help and facilitate the delivery of your presentation. Is this template can be used for a variety of presentation themes? Yes of course, this is also the goal of our [4presentation.net] when creating the artistic template. This PowerPoint template has 2 different design layouts, which for title slides and content slides. So, what are you waiting? Immediately download and use this free template in your presentation.

0 Photography

Photography is the process of making paintings using the medium of light. Generally terms, photography means the process to produce an image or photograph of an object. The most popular tools used for photography is the camera. Meanwhile, people who done photography called Photographers.Lately, along with the rapid technological advances, the more that has a camera and photography hobby. For those of you photographers or people who love the world of photography, we present a PowerPoint template that take the theme of the photography world. The idea was prompted by looking at the current trend of people who are enjoying the world of photography. This PowerPoint template, has a simple design with a blend of photogravure and has a black base color. Please enjoy.

0 Big Bang (VIP Zone)

Big Bang is one of the famous boy band in South Korea. This boy band formed by Hyun Seok Yan in 2006. Big Bang is considered as one of the South Korean boy band most successful in the world. Big Bang consists of G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Fifth Bingbang personnel have loyal fans, known as VIP. For those of you who feel being a fan of Bigbang, we present a PowerPoint template that takes the theme of the Bigbang. The template that we have created has the basic colors are bright and certainly there are five members Bigbang on the front cover. Not only that, we also show each personnel Bigbang on slides that we provide. Please Enjoy.

0 Eclipse Animation

Dark blue color is the basic of this PowerPoint designs. This template decorated with circles, stars, and moon. Animated white patterned circles rotate clockwise. Design that accentuates the impression of like being in outer space. Display the title page can be seen below.

Circle crescent motif also exists in the next slide. In this there are 5 template design options. You can use as you wish. Design options as follows

Each design template has a different animation. The design is different from the usual customize your needs. Immediate download this design.

0 Colorful Flat UI

PowerPoint template design is themes flat design. Inspired from the soft and elegant look of windows 8. Green, yellow, and red customized with designs that are popular in this PowerPoint. Transparent box is added to increase the sensation of a gentle and elegant design of this template.
The display on the front page of the PowerPoint as follows.

Calibri is the type of font used for title and sub-title . You can add a photo or image on the display title. Look at the following article page.

The concept of flat and colored boxes inserted in the design. White arrows to the direction of the previous page and next page. The title of the article is placed on the red box on the right top . Description of the article is placed on the white transparent box.

This PowerPoint designs using animation "Push" on page transitions. Also added animations on every page.

0 Elegant Flat Screen

It is also one of the templates with the flat concept (read: Flat Powerpoint Templates). Dominant background with dark gray decorated by red, green, and yellow stripe lines color make this template looks simple and elegant. This template consists of 2 slide layout, slide the title and content slide. Compatible for any presentation. and this template size only 54 KB make your powerpoint presentation more fast.

0 Batik Indonesia

One of the distinctive artwork Indonesia especially Javanese culture, Batik. Batik art is usually painted on fabric. And generally batik fabric was made into clothes, bags, shirts, and pants.

But now we are trying to apply the art of batik for media presentations. So, we created this powerpoint template with batik theme. Batik template is easy to use and applicable in a variety of themes your presentation. It is also our efforts to preserve the culture of Indonesia. You can also participate in preserving the Indonesia culture with download and use this template for your presentation.

1 Flat Transparent Design

This template is made of  flat transparent concept with nature background, will make your presentation look elegant and cool. Transparent in use were using gaussian blur effects inspired by current trends, so you look cool and not outdated.

This template consists of 3 main layout. Title page, contents page with title, and the content of the page without title. This is suitable for presentation to a nature and general theme. we hope you like it.

0 Browser Design

Powerpoint browser design is inspired by the design of Mozilla Firefox. With some green shape made as the original. 4presentation.net logo can be changed as you like or corresponding logo that you can use in your presentation material.

A vibrant green color on the header and footer design makes it elegant.
On the front page there is a NEXT HOME menu and main slide and a hyperlink to the next page. To the previous page menu icon can be clicked back around the header of each page.

Page article is almost similar to the title page only part not use the article page footer as the main page.
You are free to modify the design dpat this template as you like, because this is still the basic design course.

0 Pencil and Ruler

These two objects are needed in a variety of jobs, particularly in schools and offices. Although the pencil and ruler are included in the equipment office but early we know two objects when started from school days. Is now the time school is complete? Or are you on school holiday? Or you're studying in junior class?

You may also teach or be a school teacher. You all can use this powerpoint template to support communication in the classroom. Like to help you explain to the students, or helping students to ask questions to the teacher. This template is easy, simple, and can be used to explain issues related to the theme of education.

1 Angry Bird Family


Hello, for those who really like Angry Bird. We present a PowerPoint template for your specials.

Angry Bird template we provide as closely as possible with the original game. So for those of you who love the feel like playing Angry Bird Angry Bird game when presenting your presentation.

Basic colors used are gray with sky and sun coupled with soil and grass. In this template is also coupled with the characters in the game Angry Bird, ranging from birds to pigs. In this template is also coupled with a slingshot and bomb accessories from the real Angry Bird game.

For those of you who love the Angry Bird certainly will not be disappointed download this template. This template is also given in the animated bird thrown, like in the real game opener.

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